Ultimate Streaming Studio

Camera - Switcher - Mixer & Lapel Mics

There are lots of cameras, but this one is affordable. Buy up to four for the switcher. 

The switch connects up to 4 cameras to send JoinStreamyard.com your video feed via USB.

This audio mixer is perfect for up to 4 live mics and other audio sources such as phones, or mp3 playback.

There are lots of mic choices, wired and wireless, but this is a good wireless solution, you should have at least 2-3 mics, up to 4 for mixer.

Cables and Stands Needed

You will need a tripod for each camera that you buy.

HDMI cables to connect cameras to switcher. You will need a USB cable from switcher to computer for JoinStreamYard.com

Audio XLR cables to connect mics to audio mixer.

You should have lighting panels, I like these LCD kits and stands