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Do It Yourself Training

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Here's what's Included and here's what you get!

Nuts & Bolts of Dot Live Secrets How to:

1. Learn overview of Dot Live Concept
2. Setup .Live Domain
3. Install WordPress on url streaming URL
4. Install Template and Setup Emails
5. Facebook live with Chrome Web Cam or Screen Share – YouTube Live Both Free
6. JoinStreamYard.com and Why
7. YouTube Live & Facebook Live with JoinStreamyard.com Embed From YouTube
8. JoinRepurpose.com and Why
9. Going Live Demo – Best practices
10. JoinStreamYard tricks and hacks – backgrounds, intros, jingles, screenshares
11. Downloading recordings of audio and video
12. Transcribe audio at otter.ai
13. Podcast plugin and setup (Optional configuration) Podcast Install included
14. Get-response optin setup
15. Business ideas – list building, podcast content, live shows with comments, charge for streams inside memberships, must have profit backend, show mine, do as service for others
16. Wrapup and challenge

Step by STep video trainings - ALL FOR $297

I go step by step and show you how to setup and configure all the settings to make a live stream work best on YouTube, Facebook and your .LIVE URL. It’s like having me there to holding your hand each step of the way. You can view on your computer, TV, tablet or smartphone on demand, over and over again until master the dot live skills to build your audience and advertise your products and services!

Done For You Option $497

I offer an optional done for you install where you can book a one to one online session and I will install my template for you. Answer your questions and get your dot live channel working. Use the time with me only after you have reviewed the training and get your questions together

Done for You SERP Option $697 plus 12 payments of $147

We charge a $2500 for Nashville talent produced jingle. Singing your SERP terms increases your chances of prospects remember how to find you when they need you. My SERP terms are "websites you control", "internet audio guy", "Mike Stewart Live Stream" and by using music in an earworm jingle, my audience remembers how to find me in Google guaranteed! I will never produce any online content in audio or video without my SERP term jingle. In this option, I will produce a jingle for you and finance it for 12 months, giving plenty of time to make it pay for it self! A SERP Jingle is used in your live streams, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Social Media posts, podcasts, Spotify or AudioGo ads and a whole lot more!

Downloads You Can Use - INCLUDED

The WordPress template pre-built for live streaming. It is the exact theme, plugins, and layout that I use for my MikeStewart.Live website. I included the embed codes for YouTube and chat embed on your dot live URL. I include 100 royalty free music files you can use in your promo commercials, intros and outros.
I have links to hardware, and software resources to take your live stream to the next level of quality.

Business Suggestions To Grow Your Audience INCLUDED

Building a digital backend is how you make money with a dot live stream. You must multiple offers like memberships sites, coaching, group coaching, books, software, shipped products, affiliate offers. Surround you dot live channel with the things that make you money! I do and will continue do so from now on!

DON'T Take OUR WORD FOR IT - THese are ALl Profitable Dot Live Streamers!

"When it comes to audio and video marketing, my mentor is Mike Stewart. Since 2008, I have learned from him, partnered with him and profited my business from his expertise. Look for JeffHerring.Live based on this training!"
Jeff Herring
Content Marketer & Medium Expert
"Mike was presenter at our World Internet Summits all over the world. When the pandemic stopped the world, we needed to make our seminar virtual online. We reached out to Mike to help us make that a reality and he did it in just a few days with tools of Dot Live Secrets. He was the host too!"
"Mike Stewart is a consummate professional with a real talent for audio and video live broadcasting. He's full of knowledge and great tips and is most helpful!"
Online Marketing Expert - ClickSeminars.Live
"Mike is a true professional. His ability to make our event look like a produced television show while streaming live, with our team or presenters connecting from all around the world is truly amazing. He knows his stuff!"
Jason Buckner
Online Marketing Expert - ClickSeminars.Live
"Hi, my name is Daniel Hall from the real fast results.com podcast. And I wanted to just very, very briefly tell you that my mentor and friend Mike Stewart has taught me so much that has helped my business for example, he is helped me to do webinars. He was the first guy that showed me how to do that. He was the first person to introduce me to doing video for marketing purposes. And he is the guy that is teaching me and has taught me how to use live video and doing live streams to build my business. So here's the here's the rub. Here's what I really want you to understand. By following Mike's advice by implementing what he teaches. I have made literally millions and millions of dollars. You should probably listen to Mike too!!" ....or just watch video below to this testimonial!
Daniel Hall
Webinar and Kindle Expert

Frequently asked questions

I am in the business of helping my clients and students master online audio and video. That I guarantee! That is my focus and goal for everyone. I never teach get rich quick or push button success. I don’t know your market, your products or services, or the demand for what might make you money online. I do know when audio and video messages are done correctly, then that message meets a hungry market, business and sales happen. If you do the work, be patient and persistent, you can deliver your message via online audio and video to the world. All my trainings have a 30 day, money back risk reversal promise. But let’s be fair, don’t buy this if you plan on doing nothing with it. Buy it and master online audio and video, the sky’s the limit on profitable possibilites…. I guarantee that!

You can if you find a market or niche, create solutions to problems they have and persuade a prospect you will deliver what you promise and create value in all you do. I won’t make financial claims as I don’t know what your plans are, and results vary with everyone depending what you do. I know as Dan Kennedy says, “When the perfect message finds the perfect market, success prevails” I hope that is you. Live streaming, podcasts, jingles, YouTube, Social Media can be a message, it is your responsibility to make it perfect to perfect market or audience. That is what I try to do everyday.

If you are ok with computers and hardware, a few days to a few weeks. It is like piano lessons, you get started with simple easy pieces, but you can’t play Chopin on the first day. But have to get started and work to get better. Practice makes it better going live online, but never trying is guaranteed failure. Just get started, I have figured out all the hard parts for you. Just follow the plan laid out and it will come at different times for different students. All that matters is you start and want it bad enough to master all that is needed.

Bare minimum a good computer and internet connection. A Logictech 920 Webcam and Smart Phone and you can start. Lighting, microphones, web hosting, JoinStreamYard.com all cost money, but all affordable. But you can get started for around $200 of external hardware and $30 hosting/membership fees. The value of going live is way more than the cost IMHO.

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